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With the Weber Spirit II  “Entertaining at Home” is the New “Going Out.”

Here’s one of the hottest new trends that best friends are sharing with each other.

Which of these two invitations would you rather receive?

A) Being invited over to join a great group of friends or family to enjoy a “grilled to perfection” BBQ complimented with mouth-watering, flavourful side-dishes, your favourite refreshments and the chance to have interesting and intriguing conversations with people you enjoy being with.


B) Fighting traffic to go out to a busy bar, finding a parking spot that doesn’t cost a small fortune, a menu of so-so food, and the only conversations you can have is shouting over the blaring techno-music just for a chance to be heard.

Need some help deciding which invitation to pick?

It’s easy thanks to Len’s new “Pick of the Month.”

Introducing the new for 2018 Weber Spirit II series of gas grills, available in two or three burner models in your choice of four bold and trendy colours including sapphire, red, black and ivory.

These are not your Grandpa’s old-fashioned plain vanilla style BBQ’s.

Your friends will be simply amazed. One of the first things they’ll ask you is… Where did you get this cool looking BBQ and how can I get one?”

That’s just the start of the conversations.

Wait until they see how easy it is to provide a flavourful dinner that is absolutely “grilled to perfection.”

Whether you’re looking for a unique Father’s Day Gift or if you’re just starting out with your new home, then Len’s “Pick of the Month” is perfect. You’ll have something that’s not only unique and different but will contribute to easy and delicious meals your friends will just rave about.

Whatever colour of the new Weber Spirit II gas grill you desire, Len and his friendly Home Hardware staff are here to help get you grilling! Spirit II will sell out quickly, so don’t miss out

Get yours today at Pollock’s Home Hardware, your neighborhood Hardware Store in the GTA…just down the block. For features and details on the Weber Spirit II check-out our BBQ SHOP  and our Weber Spirit II selection.


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