Big Green Egg

Want to know how you can make meals like a 5 Star Chef every time? The Secret Start with a Green Egg… Wait…Read on because this is New and Different… not what you might think it is. Here’s what 5 [...]

Weber Spirit II

With the Weber Spirit II  “Entertaining at Home” is the New “Going Out.” Here’s one of the hottest new trends that best friends are sharing with each other. Which of these two invitations would [...]

BBQ Maintenance

BBQ maintenance is something you should do if you have not used your BBQ all winter. Hopefully you have been using your BBQ so your maintenance issues should not be too serious. But if not and [...]

Himalayan Salt Stones

The Himalayan Salt Stones are gourmet barbecue stones which let you salt, sear and grill your food with a salt stone on a grill. It is ideal for serving thinly slice meats, seafood, vegetables, [...]

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