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Want to know how you can make meals like a 5 Star Chef every time?

The Secret

Start with a Green Egg…

Wait…Read on because this is New and Different… not what you might think it is.

Here’s what 5 Star Chefs from around the world are saying about the Big Green Egg.

I’ve never come across a barbecue that offers such versatility and control as the Big Green Egg. I am completely blown away by the results. People are so surprised, they want to come into our kitchen to see it for themselves”.

Daniel Clifford – one of the first Chef adopters of the Big Green Egg

I cook on fire and for me, fire brings people together. That’s what my food is all about – it’s about company.”

Tom Griffith – “Flank” – London England

Cooking with the Green Egg. “You set the temperature, close the lid and BOOM – you get the best tasting meat every time. I’ve been a fan since Day One.”

Richard Turner – The Butcher Chef

“The EGG is incredibly versatile and works well for just about any type of barbecuing technique, but I think it really comes into its own for low and slow smoking because it holds its temperature so well and for so long.

Josh Katz – Alumnus of Calvin Bistrot de Luxe, co-owner and Chef at Berber & Q.

The Big Green Egg – The Original and Still the Best You can Buy.

Modern ceramics made by skilled artisans; NASA inspired; vegan-friendly; all weather cooking; 100% organic and culinary perfection every time. The Big Green Egg has spent over 40 years mastering the recipe for the best and most versatile kamado-style grill across the globe. Can you imagine lighting your barbecue and be ready to cook in 12 minutes? Imagine having over 80 hours’ worth of cooking with one bag of charcoal? It’s all rolled up into one; an amazing oven, smoker, grill and barbecue.

 The Green Egg is the PERFECT Gift that really “Keeps on Giving.”

If you’re looking for the ultimate Wedding Gift (the Green Egg will be unique from any other gift the happy couple will receive), or for an anniversary, birthday or any other special occasion.

Perhaps this is the year when you “GIFT” your family with some of the most delicious, “cooked to perfection” meals including all cuts of meat, fish, vegetables – an almost limitless variety of dishes, grilled to perfection.

Len and his friendly Home Hardware staff have a Green Egg that will be perfect for your Deck or Patio check out our online shop.  

“The Green Egg – Where Fire Meets Flavour and you’re always in Control.”

Buy it today at Pollocks Home Hardware, shop online or in-store at your neighborhood Hardware Store in the GTA…just down the block.

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