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BBQ maintenance is something you should do if you have not used your BBQ all winter. Hopefully you have been using your BBQ so your maintenance issues should not be too serious. But if not and you placed the BBQ in the garage or under the cover for the winter you should be thinking about unwrapping maintaining and rediscovering its use.

First thing is to remove the grills and heat medium so you can inspect the burner for any holes or blockage. Take your BBQ brush and run it over the holes of the burner to remove any blockage.Clean the inside of your firebox which is the lower body of your BBQ with a scraper removing any grease and dirt.

Next check under the burner where the ventury tubes and valve ports meet for any sign of spider webs. If you think that their could be a chance of spider webs take a ventury brush and place it up inside the tube until it meets the top of the burner and turn it to remove any webs.

Place your heat medium back in the BBQ and look over your grills, if they are cast iron check
for any rust. Before using your BBQ you should season your cast iron grills.We recommend you use vegetable, olive, canola, sunflower oil or vegetable shortening. DO NOT use salted fat such as margarine or butter. They burn off at a really low heat and will not protect the grids.

Turn your BBQ on to medium high heat, wait ten minutes and turn off brush your oil on the grills making sure you cover the entire grill, and let cool.

The next item is your heat source meaning natural gas or propane, check all fittings for leaks using a soap and water mix. Place the solution on the joints of the fitting if you don’t see any bubbles you are ready to cook, if you do see bubbles than tighten the fitting and retest.


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