Himalayan Salt Stones

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The Himalayan Salt Stones are gourmet barbecue stones which let you salt, sear and grill your food with a salt stone on a grill. It is ideal for serving thinly slice meats, seafood, vegetables, pizzas or simply grilling a cheese sandwich.

You can use the Himalayan Salt Stone on any gas or charcoal grill. To avoid cracking the Himalayan Salt Stone you need to gradually preheat your salt brick for about a half hour before you sizzle, salt and sear your food. Place the Himalayan Salt Stone on the grill and then turn the burners beneath the salt stone to low. You may notice moisture accumulating at the edges. As the salt stone heats any moisture in the stone evaporates. The slower you heat the Salt Stone, the better. Fifteen minutes, later, turn the grill to medium. Ten minutes later, turn to high or to the desired cooking temperature.

It is very important to slowly heat your Himalayan Salt Stone and dry out all humidity or water present in the Salt Stone. This will prevent your Himalayan Salt Stone from cracking.
Once your Himalayan Salt Stone reaches a temperature of 400 degrees it’s time to cook your food at a smoking hot temperature. You can test the temperature of the Himalayan Salt Stone with an infrared thermometer. Upon placing your food on the Himalayan Salt Stone you should immediately hear it sizzle. This is how you know that your Himalayan Salt Stone has been heated to a high enough temperature. The hotter the salt block the more the food is seared and the less the juice it releases. It should only take about 8 minutes to cook a medium-rare, flank steak on a Himalayan Salt Stone.

A hot Himalayan salt block will season the food to perfection when used properly. If your food is too salty, it’s probably because your salt block wasn’t hot enough when you started. However, you can also reduce the influence of the salt by oiling the meat and fish lightly before placing on the salt block.

When you are done using your Himalayan Salt Stone, let it cool. This will take time a lot of time, maybe even until the next day. Be sure the Himalayan Salt Stone is fully cooled to room temperature before washing. Once cooled, simply scrub your Himalayan Salt Stone with a sponge or brush under a stream of water. The Himalayan Salt Stones are all-natural products that are naturally anti-bacterial, so you don’t need to use soap.

Dry your Himalayan Salt Block with a clean rag or paper towel. Clean rags do the best job, as they don’t get chewed up by the salt’s surface. When nicely dried, set on drying rack, or any place where it can air dry. Store your Himalayan Salt Stone in any location where humidity is at a minimum.

The Himalayan Salt Stone is a gourmet cooking stone and a fun barbecue experience when cooking outdoors in any season. Available at Home Hardware, the Himalayan Salt Stone is an original gift for any occasion, whether it’s Father’s Day, a birthday, a hostess or holiday gift.

Cooking demonstrations with Himalayan Salt Stones will be taking place, outside of Pollocks Home Hardware on Roncesvalles this Fall. Here’s a demonstration of a Pierogi Pizza being cooked on Himalayan Salt Stones at the Roncesvalles Polish Festival.

Here’s an excellent educational video on taking care of your Himalayan Salt Stones

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