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Day Tripping With Your Portable Barbeque


Bored of grilling in your backyard? Why not take your BBQ grill on a picnic or a trip? But don’t worry! You won’t need to haul those heavy grills everywhere. Just invest in a portable, lightweight, and affordable grill - like Fuego Professional 24C Grill and Weber Traveler Gas Grill or the Weber Q Gas Grills - and you are good to go!

Grills do not always mean large and heavy. They can be small in size and travel friendly. Grills like Fuego Professional 24C Grill and Weber Traveler Gas Grill are just the perfect companions for when you want to plan a picnic. Stow them away in your car trunk, or even carry them on your bicycle on your way to the park - these portable grills can fit anywhere while traveling.

Both the grills are compact in size and have wheels to facilitate easy movement. The Weber Traveler Gas Grill additionally has a foldable design which fits in the trunk of any car and takes up minimal storage space. Such grills are ideal if you want to go camping by a lake, have cookouts in your friend’s backyard, or go out on a picnic.

Just like barbecue and summer goes hand in hand, so does barbecue and picnics. The green grass, tall trees, fresh air, and the noise of people having fun in a park will make it an ideal spot for your portable grill. Whether you usually grill in your backyard or your apartment, a park will provide a much needed change of scenery. So, grab a blanket, prepped food, drinks, compostable utensils and your portable grill! Just make sure that the area allows open fires and grills and check the relevant rules. Don’t forget to stock up on fuel for the cookout, and keep a BBQ toolkit on hand.

Portable grills allow you to get hot, simple and tasty food right on the spot! Why settle for premade cold food when you can make fresh food right there? All you need to do is prep all the ingredients in advance - cut and marinate the meats, fruits and veggies, prepare the patties and the buns, and make the sauces and toppings beforehand. Pack these ingredients in reusable boxes and cook them on the portable grills when you want to eat them.

Both Fuego Professional 24C Grill and Weber Traveler Gas Grill have a large grilling area which allows for large quantities of food to be prepared at the same time, so you can cater to a large group of people. You can also create two fire zones to allow cooked food to remain hot while you cook the rest of it. Pair the hot, delicious grilled food with your favorite drinks, and enjoy! Don’t forget to bring extra trash bags to collect any waste and the dirty utensils.

Grills do not just produce delicious food but it also acts as a fun bonding tool. Grilling is a group activity which allows for social interactions and community building. It allows everyone to contribute something. A BBQ picnic will bring you closer to your friends and family. Not just eating together, but the act of grilling food together while talking, sharing stories, laughing and playing will help in establishing bonds with people, whether you are a big group or small.

Going on a trip with your BBQ Grill will add so much more to your adventure. While picnics and trips are great in general, nothing else will give you this taste or this experience. It will elevate your trip to new levels with smoke, laughter, delicious food, stories and a lot of fun!

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and plan a picnic, road trip, or go on a camping trip with your BBQ now! Pollocks has an amazing collection of portable Barbecue grills. These are the most versatile grills ever. Use them anytime, anywhere. Go to your nearest store to check them out.

Happy Grilling!